Mini b's

The Team here at Blades is made up of fully qualified, understanding and cheerful barbers, determined to ensure your little one’s haircut is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Upon arrival, we take all the time needed to talk through the details of your child’s needs.  Depending on age, we can offer our new Mini B’s client the choice of sitting in the Blades Bentley, on your lap, or in the normal chair on a booster seat.  Whatever the choice, we will then do our utmost to make the first experience of barbering positive; and we have several superheroes on hand to help!

Many parents dread taking their son to his first haircut – we are here to reassure you that this is a rite of passage to be cherished, not feared.  Our team has the experience, patience and enthusiasm, and plenty of distractions on hand to fend off any wobbles.  Mini B’s is designed to create an easy, relaxed and fun first haircut for both you and your son.